Our house and our work place are the places where we spend most of our time. That’s why they need to be suitable and representative. We certainly live better in a house where we feel good and comfortable. The place should be functional and harmoniously furnished according to our taste in order to feel like home.

PSICO DESIGN comes from psychology and art, which seem to be so far one from the other, but instead of the habitual context of art conceived within “galleries” and psychology at a doctor’s office, they are actually so close to permeating a new way of presenting itself as being a reality in our life.

Just like any other company or entrepreneur, it is fundamental to meet customers’ requirements. Establishing a lasting working relationship with the customer is our goal. Psico Design has found three ways to reach this target: ability to listen and receive the request, analyses and working-out in fast times, support and feedback over time.

Psico Design intervention scheme

  1. Environmental situation analyses
  2. Customer’s needs analyses
  3. Analysis of intervention to be carried out
  4. Managing to understand and find out customers’ needs by interviews, observing their current living environment, life style, personal style, profession, attitudes, interests.
  5. Analysis of differences between “internal and external” needs.
  6. Summary of factual needs
  7. Eventually we manage to link and integrate personal needs and existing conditions.
  8. Carrying out the agreed projects

Just like every person, every environment has its own story.

Actually there aren’t any standardized and functional ready-made projects, but we have a general scheme that time to time will be adapted to the needs and sensitivity of the customer.
The project will therefore be carried out according to the demands and targets to be achieved.

Some examples of work being done

Services for private customers and companies

Private customers

“We like to have a nice and cosy home, don’t we?”

So we have to consider the idea of “a house that takes care of us”. That’s why we must pay attention to the use of spaces, furniture, furnishing accessories, colours, floors, curtains, carpets in order to create a “bubble-space” which protects our privacy, where we can concentrate, think and relax and feel in tune.

Domestic space, as well as our organizational choices, according to individual tastes and criteria, comes to life from actions and movements we make every day. Considering this basic concept, Psico Design can carry out small projects of internal design, renovate or design a new house.

In a house that “takes care of us”, space should belong to every person that lives there. Psico Design claims that each member of the household, beside the space shared with the other residents, needs his own personal space where to find peace and quietness.


“We want to feel good to work better”

We spend a lot of time at our workplace. It is important to find there part of our individuality and singularity. If we live better, we will work better and the production will gain in quality.

Psico Design analyses how spaces are used and furnished, colours, lights, maintenance and cure of the work environment and the possibility to personalization, even partial, of the same.

“A customer who feels at ease is a happy customer!”

In every business or shop where you have to deal with customers for a service or a sale, it is essential to put them at ease, in a state of wellbeing and tranquillity. The customer needs to feel like home. Psico Design suggests to consider the importance of the five senses. Business environments that pay attention to human sensorial perception are the most successful.

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About the Psico Designer

With the birth of a new discipline like Psico Design, there is also a new professional figure, the Psico Designer.
He has psychological knowledge and expertise, listening skills and meets people’s needs, combined with the flexibility and the typical harmony of the interior designer and the art world.

The Psico Designer meets customers’ needs by analysing their requests and suggesting interventions to be carried out by different professional figures ranging from designer to decorator, etc.