Materials are responses to practical and functional needs, proponents of our well-being; the energy of the environment and the people interact with the materials by containing, concentrating and refracting it.

Among physical, chemical, optical and breathable properties - between environmental impact and the aesthetic effect of the materials comes Psico Design to explain how this can create well-being or discomfort.

Both for our planet and for us it is fundamental to give preference to natural materials.

Psico Design - Meaning of wood


Perhaps it is the most familiar material, present in everyone’s life as fuel, furniture or furnishing accessories.

Wood is neutral and clean and generates feelings of well-being and welcoming and its properties make it possible to rationalize energy and safeguard human health and well-being.

Its psychological meaning: warmth, welcome, protection: all referred to wood. Wood favors relaxation, which smells of stability and continuity over time.

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Psico Design - Meaning of stone


Because of its infinite variants (marble, porphyry, basalt, quartzite, granite, slate, serpentine, serpentine, beola etc.), stone is very used in the field of art and design.
Its solidity and everlasting quality seem to recompose fractures of the living space giving it (or giving it back) aesthetic and psychological fullness.

Its psychological meaning: Solidity, depth of thought, inner search: the stone refers to the ancestral bond with mother earth, and arouses artistic emotions, sensations of majesty and regality.

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Psico Design - Meaning of cotton


Cotton is the first textile plant in the world. The word “cotton” means "land of conquest". It is used for table clothes, linen and upholstery having a high absorbing power and moisturizing, soothing properties.

Its psychological meaning: cotton is pure. It reminds us of natural landscapes and open spaces and favors the idea of cleanliness and purification thanks to its pleasant tactile sensations.

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Psico Design - Meaning of wool


Already in ancient times wool was known for its healing and soothing properties. New research proofed its power to absorb and neutralize harmful substances such as formaldehyde present in our homes.

Its psychological meaning: it brings us back to the maternal womb, its protection, warmth and welcome. Just use some clothes or a blanket made of wool and you will feel loved and cuddled.

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Psico Design - Meaning of silk


Silk is biocompatible thanks to its structure similar to that of human hair. Its natural temperature-regulating properties give silk the ability to cool and warm simultaneously and allows the skin to breathe.

Its psychological meaning: fine and chic, silk with its elegance and sobriety stimulates intellectual wellbeing.

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Psico Design - Meaning of paper


Ancient material of vegetable origin, paper is very much used for producing wallpaper. An original way to coat the walls, an extraordinary whole of chromatism and material combinations, which is increasingly being used for the production of seats, handbags, tablecloths and frames, without considering the wide application on objects, furniture and decorative furnishings by designers and architectural studios.

Its psychological meaning: practical and pragmatic. Paper refers to every day life, concreteness and the certainty of finding a written and unchangeable thought.

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Psico Design - Meaning of glass


Is used as building material, or for making objects such as glasses, containers and decorative accessories; it is obtained by solidification of a liquid without crystallization.

Transparent, unalterable and versatile, it lends itself well to being recycled to the benefit of our planet.

Its psychological meaning: Its transparency, its "seeing beyond", refers to self-consciousness, and being open to inner listening.

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Psico Design - Meaning of steel


This metal alloy, composed principally of iron and carbon, from aesthetic and functional points of view, makes it possible to create complex furniture.

Practical, exclusive and capable to enhance both classic and modern furnishings, sober when combined with glass, lively when close to a mirror.

Its psychological meaning: power, elegance, sobriety, essence: steel is firm, safe and reminds us of fire and heat.

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