Refind and live
your space

Getting home and being at work means
finding yourself in a place where you feel good.
An environment where you feel comfortable and work better.
Create your space of wellness with Psico Design.

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Il manifesto dello Psico Design

  • 1

    A bit of psychology, and art
    and a new way of living your space

  • 2

    Three new dimensions:
    interior, artistic, space

  • 3

    Interpreting colours and materials
    and understand their power

  • 4

    Personal relations
    furnish spaces

  • 5

    Spaces belong to everyone

  • 6

    Our home: the place of our soul;
    realizing Olivier Marc's thoughts

Psico Design is a concept which applies to a new conception of spaces by creating them around actual relations.

The philosophy of Psico Design is set out in six essential points, which are the base of the professional Psico Designer.

They are summarized in the Psico Design Manifest.

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Discover them and get into the power of colours with Psico Design.

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Psico Design exploits the connection between materials and energy.

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