Our ancestors already knew it: colours have healing properties. This has been demonstrated by science: living cells emit coloured light at very low intensity as intracellular communication medium. If the cell is healthy, it has a certain colour, while the bands will be darker in case of imbalance. The human organism is pure electromagnetic energy. We can intervene on these balances by acting with colours.

The vibrations of the colours come into contact with our body and influences it. Mostly we are not aware of it, but the colour-emotion association is natural for the human being.
Aggressive, restless, stimulating, positive: warm colours.
Negative, standoffish, distant, quiet or serene: cold colours.
A colour can express emotions, feelings or mental states better than words.

Pscico Design helps us to choose the colours that match with your personality and colour and furnish your spaces, knowing their importance regarding your psycho-physical wellbeing.

Psico Design - Meaning of red


This colour is matched with Mars, the God of War and the red planet. It is the colour of love, dynamism and life, passion end sexuality, authority and pride. It indicates warmth, fire, parties and sexual desire. It represents the active male principle. In alchemy it is associated with men, the sun, sulfur and gold.

Its psychological meaning: it signifies life and warmth, strength and certainty. Moving towards choosing red indicates desire to expand and conquer, it expresses certainty and self-confidence. It stimulates the release of adrenaline.

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Psico Design - Meaning of orange


It is the colour of joy, the symbol of the rising sun. In China and Japan, orange is used to symbolize love and happiness.

Its psychological meaning: it is the colour of mature, adult love, of the full awareness of its potential combined with a balanced vitality.

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Psico Design - Meaning of yellow


It is the colour that reminds us most of all the sun and thus movement of expansion. Yellow means searching for something new, change and breaking free from the frames.
It is synonymous with vivacity, extroversion, lightness, growth and change.

Its psychological meaning: warm, radiant, bright, it suggests expansion and movement, freedom and autonomy, it is the color of change and the search for something new.

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Psico Design - Meaning of green


Green is the colour of nature. For Buddhists it represents life. It is neutral, relaxing and favors reflection and calm.
It is the colour of energetic balance. Its energy stands on itself and refers to inner tension. From a psychological point of view this colour relates to stability and endurance.

Its psychological meaning: it means strenght, persistance, psychological balance and stability. It expresses tenacity, self-esteem and a strong sense of right or wrong. It is the color of those who believe in themselves and their potentialities.

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Psico Design - Meaning of blue

Blue and indigo

Blue is the colour of silence, calm and quietness, it enhances contemplation and spirituality, it is associated with the geometric shape of the circle, a symbol of eternal spiritual movement, a mix of quietness and dynamism. It represents intelligence, truth, fidelity, constancy. It is the colour of the great depth, the feminine principle. It is the colour of space. Blue leads to introspection, sensitivity, calmness, serenity.

Its psychological meaning: calmness, satisfaction, inner peace, tranquility, harmony, sober simplicity of elegance.

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Psico Design - Meaning of purple

Violet and purple

Synonym of intelligence, knowledge, religious devotion, holiness, sobriety, penance. Due to their high frequency, violet waves have the most energy of the visible spectrum.
It is the color of the right hemisphere of our brain (analogical).
Purple, a mixture of blue and red (the sacred and the profane), is the colour of transformation, metamorphosis, passage from one state to another.

Its psychological meaning: It is the color of those who have harmonized mind and body by overcoming the good / male dichotomy.

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Psico Design - Meaning of pink


Symbol of love and kindness.

Its psychological meaning: pink is the color of adolescence, the naivety of the soul, of those who begin life’s adventures.

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Psico Design - Meaning of brown


The colour of wood and ground. This colour stands for solid and lasting things.

Its psychological meaning: it is a firm, physical, material colour that corresponds to the awareness of its own substantiality and personal solidity.

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Psico Design - Meaning of black


Mysterious and elegant, black is a “no colour” associated with negation, opposed to a concealed claim of authority.

Its psychological meaning: elegance and royalty.

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Psico Design - Meaning of white


Symbol of light, simplicity, air and purity. White embraces each colour of the iris. It regenerates the body and clears one’s mind.

Its psychological meaning: It symbolizes purity, tenderness and inspires a sense of sweetness.

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Colours lead their own life, we can also find them inside deep-sea shells – it is a clue to secret celebrations and due to this lucky discovering, we can also join in.

Ernst Jünger
Two times halley, 1987

Let’s celebrate the party given to us by the colours.
Let’s discover their power and do so with the help of Psico Design.