A family in the middle of the life cycle, two young children, a challenging job, a home ... so much satisfaction ... so many responsibilities.

For quite some time there has come up, especially by the husband, the need of a space where to relax and enjoy a "healthy Greek leisure."

Analyzing the real situation, the needs of adults and children, the couple decides to proceed with a partial renovation of the house, using the underlying unused spaces to create a comfortable and multifunctional environment that has been given the name lo spazio di “Ro” ("Ro space”)

The renovation of this room allows the adults to have space and time for themselves preserving everyone’s needs.

At the same time lo spazio di “Ro” (“Ro space”), thanks to a few little adaptations, is: a mini-gym, a party room, a corner to take refuge, escaping the daily “noise”.

Psico Design is aimed at all who believe in a real possibility of a change in furnishing and renovation, even at low cost, without sacrificing functionality, elegance and cosiness that every living environment should have.
When a house represents those who live there, it means that they live better. Psico Design is not just about home furnishing consultancy, but also succeeding in living a better life.

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