People and their emotions live in the house.

When you inherit a house, you inherit far more than the walls, you inherit debts and credits of past generations.
When renovating a house, which means a generational passage, it is not only about renovating floors, electrical-and water systems, frames or other building works, you are going to deal with emotions and childhood memories. Structures and meaning systems will come into play.

Throughout the entire duration of the work to be carried out for the customer, both psychology and interior design have been considered. Observing this way of working gave people time to grief their loss, facing the most fragile parts but also recognizing their self-awareness, implementing certain strategies in order to enrich their quality of life and embellish the house as well.

The renovation has been impressive: roof remodeling, building works, interior and exterior window frames, electrical system, flooring, insulation, reconditioning of the outside part, courtyard and drive way are some of the work done. As a final result there is a house which currently can be seen as work in progress and will be defined in time.

Actually it is impossible defining a house as being finished, because it is a living creature exposed to change.
The result will be the convergent dream of more people and generations who live in that space who have beforehand defined their own needs, knowing that changing them will change their relationships, their relation with home and the use of space.

Psico Design is aimed at all who believe in a real possibility of a change in furnishing and renovation, even at low cost, without sacrificing functionality, elegance and cosiness that every living environment should have.
When a house represents those who live there, it means that they live better. Psico Design is not just about home furnishing consultancy, but also succeeding in living a better life.

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