Smaller does not mean less beautiful.

A young couple has to move into a smaller flat.
They need to face reduced space from a practical and psychological point of view, making choices about the furnishing.

After three meetings it is clear that: a smaller house is not synonymous with an uglier house.
Rationalizing space, optimizing and changing mental attitude is a philosophy of life.

Reflecting upon the concept of space and place: everyone needs a proper mental and physical space where to stay on his own as well as with the others.
A corner in the living room for her, a space with a writing desk in the bedroom for him.

A big mirror is placed on a wall in the living room to make the room seem “bigger” and full of light. On the cabinet below the mirror, vases of glass will increase the transparency effects, giving the environment a fresher and broader look.

Psico Design is aimed at all who believe in a real possibility of a change in furnishing and renovation, even at low cost, without sacrificing functionality, elegance and cosiness that every living environment should have.
When a house represents those who live there, it means that they live better. Psico Design is not just about home furnishing consultancy, but also succeeding in living a better life.

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