In the past Ernestina Rossotto worked as a teacher, psychologist, psychotherapist and corporate psychotherapist with a huge passion for art and painting. Today her passion has become a job or better said part of her job.

It all starts in 2009, with the coming up of Psico Design, a school of thought which combines art, psychology and design with surprising results on spaces and people.

This kind of project managing is applied by a professional, a woman, who to refer to for greater well-being and awareness. Thanks to Ernestina Rossotto, art comes out of the elite gallery environment and psychology leaves the traditional aseptic rooms where it is practiced. Everything becomes colour, everything becomes joy. Two apparently opposite worlds come together to create custom-made environments for those who live there. Environments in which design and furnishings are chosen with a consciousness that goes far beyond the aesthetic sense.

From Psico Design, alongside, also comes Arte Addosso, a line of personal and home accessories strictly hand-made. Once again, the goal is to help the individual to express his uniqueness. On the street as at home.

Ernestina Rossotto